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Recent statistics reveal that there are twice as many obese Americans today than there were just thirty years ago. And, along with extra pounds comes an increased risk for chronic diseases – like diabetes and high blood pressure – so the spiraling epidemic is bound to put further pressure on our health care system.

The question is… Does Herbalife work? 

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What the Results Mean

Based on your BMI calculation, you can determine your weight range classification based on the chart below. Individuals with a BMI value of 25 and higher may be at increased risk for certain obesity-related conditions.

Using your BMI results as a starting point, you can create a personalized approach to healthier living through your Distributor’s trusted support and our science-based nutrition and weight-management products.

Below 20 = slender-lean–Recommended Herbalife Program-Core Products or Quickstart Program
20 to 25 = ideal weight range–Recommended Herbalife Program-Quickstart or Advanced Program
25 to 30 = overweight (25-27 could be healthy range if large-boned and heavily muscled)–Recommended Herbalife Program-Avanced or  Ultimate Program
30 & above = very overweight / high risk–Recommended Herbalife Program-Ultimate Program
40 & above = extremely overweight / high risk for health complications–Recommended Herbalife Weight Loss Program-Ultimate Program